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Chief Executive Officer: Allison Wan

Allison has been a key decision maker within the managerial food choices, and recipes for Limited By AW. She closely works with all members of the team and keeps a special relationship with problem identification and solution management.

Chief Marketing Officer: Ansley Villagomez

A marketing and social media specialist with a background in Finance. Ansley oversees public relations with the collaborations with local businesses. Ansley is highly energetic and has been advocating for the organization from day one.

Chief Technical Design Engineer: Wonchul Lee 

Wonchul, single handedly discovered, and created the hive solution for bees. He has supported our cause with innovative visions of hive prototypes and connected the organization with multitude of community members and contacts.

Limited By AW

The company was founded by 3 innovative Simon Fraser University Students that wanted to address the decline in bee populations. We would like to raise awareness of the decline and the human issue of apathy in order to face the issue as a whole. Our plan is to raise awareness through education provided one pint at a time 


Self Sustainability:
We plan to continue in a healthy state of sustainability through local businesses and ventures. This will lessen risks for Bee Decline through education.

We engage, inform and inspire individuals to connect with nature, animals, and the community; advocating for more bee enthusiasts and bee habitats. We advocate and collaborate with local companies creating more and more bee sanctuaries and mutually beneficial relationships through locally sourced homes, products and collaborations.

We build relationships on honesty and accountability, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of everyone – humans and bees we work with.

We create solutions, and spaces that provide opportunities for people, plants, and bees to grow and thrive. We give people a reason to explore, wonder and strive for a better world for not only humans, but for all.